Mero patatero

ARSCIENCIA has been working a lot on the pollution of the oceans by plastic materials and has very well documented the problem in Galicia (Spain). Now we would like to create a first-hand world-wide vision on this problem.

The PLASTICS BLOG is dedicated to YOUR contributions! Can YOU help us to document the plastic pollution by making photos and/or small videos on the beach, in the water, on the sea floor …? Anything you consider of interest could be helpful and could be sent to us.

ARSCIENCIA will publish selected photos with your comments and interchange ideas.  We also would like to make small videos to be published in YouTube or use the photos in presentations and exhibitions.

We are looking forward to your contributions. Thank you in advance!

Please, have a look to the Technical details below, before sending us materials!

Technical details:

Photos (.jpg or .jpeg files; up to 10 MB in total) can be sent via e-mail to:

For larger files, please, use a file transfer site such as WeTransfer (

Do not forget to add the name of the author, date and place, where the photos or videos were taken. You also may add a few words, a short description, your impressions …

Note: By sending us your photos or videos you agree that ARSCIENCIA can use these materials for the above-mentioned purposes.

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