Margarita CimadevilaMARGARITA CIMADEVILA (President, project coordination and promotion) was born in Sada, Coruña, Spain. She has a degree in Chemistry from the University of Santiago de Compostela and is currently teaching at the High School IES Urbano Lugris in A Coruña, where she also was the headmistress for many years. Since many years she has been interested in the relation between Science and Art, which found its artistic expression in series of paintings on subjects such as particle physics, CERN or the exhibition “Ciencia EX AEQUO”, which is prizing the contribution of women in Science discoveries. She has exposed in Spain, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Italy, Switzerland and China.  Since 2011 she has been the organizer of the European Comenius Grundtvig Course for secondary school teachers “Science & Art:  so different, so similar!”.

susana mataix-2SUSANA MATAIX (Vicepresident) graduated at the University of Barcelona in Mathematical Sciences and has a Master in Business Administration from the Instituto de Empresa  (Madrid, Spain). She has worked in the energy and telecommunications industries in France, USA and Spain and was the Director of the exposition “Process: culture and new technologies”, which was inaugurated at the Reina Sofía Museum of Modern Art in Madrid. Her main interests are the promotion of science and the relationship of mathematics with literature and art. She is the author of three books: “Duo Matemático”, “Matemática es nombre de mujer” and “Lee a Julio Verne: el amor en tiempos de criptografía”. In addition she is a member of the technical committee of the Fundación Garcia Cabrerizo which awards several prizes to Spanish innovators.

José Facal 2012-07-25-detail-sJOSÉ MANUEL FACAL DÍAZ (Treasurer) was born in Carballo, Coruña, Spain. He has a degree in Chemistry from the University of Santiago de Compostela and is currently teaching at the High School IES Lamas de Abade in Santiago de Compostela, where he is the head of the Department of Physics and Chemistry. In addition he obtained an Advanced Studies Grade in 2005 for a work about Science History. For 7 years he was the president of ENCIGA, the Galician science teacher association, and for 11 years he was the vice president of a Galician cinema association. Amongst the many activities, which he has organized or co-organized in the past years, are lectures, scientific congresses and international courses, in which were involved science teachers. In one of his favorite activities he dedicates himself to fighting against so-called “pseudo sciences” like homeopathy or acupuncture, which have resulted in a series of public events organized by the “sceptics in the pub”.

Wolfgang Trettnak-sWOLFGANG TRETTNAK (Secretary) was born in Graz, Austria, in 1962. He received a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Graz, worked in applied scientific research on sensors and biosensors for many years and published a number of scientific articles. He set up as free-lance artist in 2002, and his work has been shown in Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and China. In his work, which comprises e. g. painting, object art and installation, he links Science with Art on subjects such as bionics, electronics, luminescence and environmental pollution. In the past years he has been especially concerned about the threatening of the marine life.

marilena_sMARILENA STREIT-BIANCHI (Curator, exhibitions and educational activities) was born in 1945 in Rome, Italy. She has been working for 40 years at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research in Geneva, Switzerland, where she carried out research, supervised many students and occupied managerial positions on training and technology transfer.  She is today a senior honorary member of CERN and actively engaged in Nairucu Arts, a non-profit Association in Mozambique as responsible for communication and exhibitions. She has been the curator of the international exhibition ”The Origin- A journey between Science and Art”, which was shown at the Scuderie Aldobrandini in Frascati, Italy and at the École de Physique of the University of Geneva, Switzerland.  


AMAIA ALCALDE GIMILIO (Community Manager) was born in Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain. She studied Industrial Technical Engineering in Industrial Electronics, and later extended her studies in Industrial Engineering Organization. She also has a Master of Education and worked in a reclycling company in the Port of Bilbao. Being passionate about music she studied musical theory and accordion for 8 years, was a member of the Gospel Bilbao choir and is now singing in the Vocalisse choir of A Coruña. She loves to travel since she got a scholarship to be part of the Ruta Quetzal Expedition.