The association ARSCIENCIA is a sociocultural entity, which is dedicated to the world of SCIENCE and ART. It was founded in Santiago de Compostela on 1st of July 2013 and has got its domicile in A Coruña (Galicia, Spain). It is registered in Santiago de Compostela (REXISTRO XERAL DA XUNTA DE GALICIA) under the number of entrance 2013/017995 sección 1. ARSCIENCIA is an international association, with special attention to SCIENCE and ART activities and manifestations, which are related to Galicia. It is a non-profit organization.

In particular, amongst the aims of ARSCIENCIA are:

  • To promote, facilitate, inspire and organize any kind of activity of dissemination, which is related to Science and Art.
  • To show the relationships between Science and Art.
  • To improve and spread the didactics of Science and Art, both, in education and in the society in general.
  • To stimulate vocational scientific education.
  • To pay specific attention to equality and gender equality in both fields.
  • To promote interdisciplinary approaches.

To achieve these aims, the following activities are envisaged:

  • To promote spaces for encounter and discussion of scientific and artistic ideas and topics.
  • To organize and perform activities of social, cultural and artistic character, such as lectures, conferences, debates, courses, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, competitions and concerts.
  • To create and edit materials for learning and education, journals, leaflets, CDs, videos, interactive materials, artistic materials and all other kind of means, which will be considered as suitable.

For more information see the ARTICLES OF THE ASSOCIATION (in Galician language)!