“MARE PLASTICUM” is fruit of the collaboration of the artists Margarita Cimadevila (Galicia) and Wolfgang Trettnak (Austria). It is an exhibition or series of works, on which both are currently working together.

“MARE PLASTICUM” evolved from the exhibition “PLASTIC FISHES” and its central topics are also dedicated to the pollution of the oceans by plastic debris and its consequences for all marine organisms, as well as the overfishing and overexploitation of the oceans.”MARE PLASTICUM” tries to combine Art and Science, to provide information and to create sensibility for these topics in the public, and especially among the young people. In addition, the collaboration of both artists provides the resulting artworks with a special poetic touch.

The materials used on the canvases are almost exclusively marine debris found on the beaches of Galicia. In particular they consist of plastic litter, fishing nets and other materials, which are used in fishing and aquaculture activities. Short information texts and photos are accompanying the works.


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