THE WINNERS 2013/2014

The jury of the competition 2013/2014 did a hard job, since there where many contributions from researchers, pupils, students and teachers of high quality in all categories. However, here is the final list of all of the winners:

InvestigArte Winners 2013/2014

In the category EDUCATION – Teachers/professors of secondary education, undergraduate studies and vocational education) for the Prize of ARSCIENCIA the winning contributions are:

Sincere congratulations to both of them!

The prizes for the two winners will be a free participation in the international course “Science & Art: so different, so similar”(a Comenius/Grundtvig course of the European Union)  (an one-week course, which will take place in Santiago de Compostela; value: 690 €) for each one and the paintings

  • “Science and shells (I)” (series “Science & Shells”) of the artist Margarita Cimadevila (size 30 x 40 cm), which will go to Olga Sheremet

Prize of Arsciencia - Cimadevila-s

  • and “Beryx bionicus” (series “Electronic fishes”) of the artist Wolfgang Trettnak (size 30 x 40 cm), which will go to Darko Taleski:

Prize of Arsciencia - Trettnak-s

However, ARSCIENCIA would also like to thank very much all of the other participants for their contributions!

The next competition of InvestigArte and the Prize of ARSCIENCIA is foreseen for 2014/2015, and, once again, we hope for numerous submissions!

Here is a photo of Olga Sheremet with her students and the painting of Cimadevila:

Fото - Olga Sheremet


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